2022’s best Canadian sportsbooks

Canadian sportsbooks

Online sports betting has exploded in Canada in recent years. Even though there are already a lot of offshore books that are easily accessible and operating in a recognized legal limbo, Ontario’s upcoming licencing system promises to expand the number of books available to Canadian gamblers and add more structure and clarity to what can be a murky and even greasy market for them.

With so many Canadian sportsbooks entering Canada, it’s possible to experience some analysis paralysis due to the abundance of choices. This guide was developed to assist Canadians in locating the best sportsbook for their specific betting requirements.

You can find descriptions of every top sportsbook available in Canada here, along with thorough, in-depth reviews of a few. Every aspect of a betting site imaginable has been dissected, including bonus deals, mobile applications, and the top sportsbook for wagering each sport.

Betting on sports in canada

Indeed, sports betting has advanced significantly in Canada. Only state-sponsored betting sites allowed Canadians to place parlay bets for a long time legally. Due to this, there has been an increase in offshore  Canadian sportsbooks that operate in a very well-known legal grey area.

There were no adverse effects on users or the sportsbook when brands like IVI Bet and 888Sport were freely available to Canadians. This ridiculous system eventually drew criticism, and in 2021 it was announced that Canada would introduce a formal provincial licencing system akin to the state system in the US.

Now, the Provinces and Territories will have more control over which sportsbooks they choose to license. The first officially recognized sportsbooks in Canada will open in April 2022, with Ontario being the first province to implement the system thoroughly.


Now that they have so many options at their disposal, the Canadian sportsbook will be spoil. Many US sportsbooks, including PointsBet and BetMGM, have already been permit to begin taking bets in Ontario. Meanwhile, bookmakers that have operate on the unofficial market, like Bet365 and 888, have already been allow to do so.

Which sportsbook is deserving of your hard-earned money, then? At Sportsbooks Online, we aim to provide an answer to this query. We encourage you to use this page as a resource to find the best online sportsbook for you because it contains in-depth reviews of many of the best sportsbooks in Canada.

Best sportsbooks in Canada

The first licenced in Ontario was PointsBet

A well-known sportsbook in the US is FanDuel.

Caesars Sportsbook – Numerous odds increases

Great mobile app: BetMGM

The world’s largest sportsbook is Bet365.

Swedish sportsbook Unibet

Great for parlays and casinos: CoolBet

888Sport – A Canadian company

Newly licenced in Ontario, BetRivers

theScore Bet – Ontario-authorized

How Canadian Online Sportsbooks Are Rated

This website’s content reflects our views. Even though we have years of experience in sports betting, it’s understandable that you might still be wary of advice given to you online by strangers. Because of this, we believe it’s crucial to explain the standards we use to evaluate online sportsbooks to provide context for the lists you see here.

Bonus Offers – In the past, Canadian sportsbooks have provid sign-up bonuses to customers to lure them away from rival websites. Does a sportsbook’s bonus offer give you real value if it makes one? Sportsbook betting variety in Ontario does not offer bonuses. Of course, we anticipate being able to wager on your success. For significant leagues, there are money lines and over/under. But what varieties of parlay options exist? Does the sportsbook include an online casino? How was your experience with live betting? These inquiries are essential for determining whether a sportsbook provides the best service.

Mobile Experience – Nowadays, most sports betting websites have a companion app, and a sportsbook’s app can make the difference between average and elite.

Experience with betting – This mainly refers to how the sportsbook feels. Is it user-friendly? Is the layout visually appealing? Does it lag? These can combine to make it even better.

Sportsbook Payment Options – Credit cards and bank transfers are two popular methods of payment for sportsbooks. However, a vital component of the user experience is how many payment options are support and how long it takes for each way to process payouts and deposits.

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