5 Points to Consider While Shopping for the Best Face Scrub

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If you feel your face isn’t clean enough even after cleansing, you should incorporate scrubbing into your routine. You might want to invest in a face scrub which is slightly different from a body scrub.

Scrubbing is an essential part of any skincare routine. It helps in the removal of dead skin cells and the unclogging of pores. When the dead layer is removed, it speeds up the process of skin cells’ renewal, thus allowing newer skin to show through for a healthy glow.

But how do you choose the best scrub? There are several factors to consider choosing the right one for your skin. Skin type, concerns, issues, scrub type, and brand of the product are a few things that you should consider while looking for the best face or body scrub. We have thus created a basic guide to help you buy a quality scrub and enjoy smooth and radiant skin around the year.

Can I use a body scrub on facial skin?

The short answer is no!

While both face and body scrubs are mechanical exfoliants, there are subtle differences. The latter is thicker, has larger particles, and has a higher acid concentration than facial scrubs. Because of these aggressive ingredients, these scrubs may not be suitable for facial skin.

Body scrubs usually contain sea salt, sugar, coffee, oatmeal, and perfume, which may be too abrasive or irritating to the facial skin. Scrubbing, in general, has many benefits. These days, we have scrubs classified broadly into two categories which are as follows:

  1. Physical scrub

Physical scrubs are cream-based products that contain fine exfoliating particles like grounded walnut seeds or papaya seeds. They gently scrub off dead cells and impurities from the surface. Since they are physical particles, such scrubs are called physical scrubs.

  1. Chemical scrub

The chemical scrubs are made of chemicals with exfoliating properties. They are usually in the form of peels which will pull off the dead skin and dirt particles from the skin’s surface.

We do not recommend scrubs that contain harsh chemicals or toxins. Go for a natural and toxin-free product from Mamaearth’s range of scrubs for women. We recommend its Ubtan Body Scrub with Turmeric and Saffron for Tan Removal, which deeply exfoliates your skin, removes tan, and brightens the skin tone.

Why should you use a scrub?

There are many benefits of using a scrub. Here are a few such benefits you can enjoy when you choose a good-quality scrub for daily use:

  • It can help remove dead skin cells thoroughly, revealing the newer and younger skin underneath.
  • It can be safely used even on sensitive areas like underarm, provided you are gentle and use the least pressure.
  • A daily scrub on your face and body ensures the skin stays hydrated and prevents scaly skin.
  • Scrubbing with the right type of products also prevents aging. It improves blood circulation and boosts collagen production, preventing wrinkles.
  • A good quality scrub nourishes the skin and improves overall skin health.

5 Tips to choose the best face scrub

The key to choosing a good face scrub is to consider a few important criteria before you buy it. Many products are available in the market today, making it very difficult to choose the ideal body scrub for your skin.

Here we have listed five important factors you must consider while choosing the product to get the best available items.

  1. Scrubbing particles

The scrubbing particles should be chosen carefully, keeping your skin type and conditions in mind. The harsher or coarser scrubbing particles can lead to micro-cuts, especially in dry or sensitive skin.

Whether the walnut seed, papaya seed, or other particles, it also makes a difference in your experience with the product. Therefore, it is best to patch test and sense how the product feels on your skin and whether the particles irritate it.

We recommend Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub with Turmeric and Walnut for Tan Removal, which can help you achieve even-toned skin by gently exfoliating and removing tan. The scrub is also enriched with the goodness of coconut oil and saffron, which will protect your skin from sun damage and give you a natural radiant glow.

  1. Skin type

Skin type plays a key role in choosing the body scrub. There are five primary skin types- dry, normal, oily, combination, and sensitive. Each has different requirements, and products must get chosen accordingly.

Go for the gentlest possible formulation if you have sensitive skin, and do a patch test before you use it. In case you have oily skin, gel-based formulas are more suitable. On the other hand, dry skin would benefit most from a moisturizing exfoliator.

  1. Ingredients

The ingredients determine how the exfoliator or scrub will react to your skin. Therefore, you must thoroughly review the ingredient list and check the primary ingredients. If you are familiar with ingredients that cause an allergic reaction, steer clear of them.

Also, check if the ingredients are natural or synthetic. Natural ingredients are safer for all skin types unless you are allergic to certain items. Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric, and Coffee grounds are some natural ingredients you must look for while getting a scrub.

  1. Skin concerns

Many skin problems require medical attention. Issues like rosacea, cystic acne, and psoriasis are painful medical conditions that can aggravate further if you use a scrub. It is wise to consult your dermatologist and get a mild skin scrub that suits your skin type and issues. This would ensure your skin problems are solved without further aggravating the issues.

  1. Brand reputation

Another important factor to consider is brand reputation when you are choosing a product. If you shop from a reputed brand, you can rest assured about the quality. A brand like Mamaearth always ensures the products are sourced from the best places and are authentic.

This is why only when a product is FDA-approved does it get launched in the market. Moreover, their MadeSafe certification ensures that their products are free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Your underarms are one of the most overlooked parts of your body. While you can use a specialized body exfoliant on your armpits, we recommend adding Mamaearth Vitamin C Underarm Mask to your skincare regimen. It contains the goodness of turmeric and Vitamin C that will help reduce pigmentation and give you brighter underarms.

Wrapping up

A good quality scrub can be used all over the body, including sensitive areas like the underarm. When you choose the right body scrub, it can rejuvenate your skin and make it radiant and youthful once more. Proper scrubbing ensures your skin remains youthful and taut for years to come.

Mamaearth is known for making superior-quality products from FDA-approved natural ingredients. Our products are tried and tested through multi-level tests before they are launched in the market. The positive response of buyers towards the products makes us strive towards creating more and more star items.

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