7 Small Business Ideas with the Lowest Investment Plans

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Starting a business from scratch can be overwhelming for most people but if you are not new to it and knows how the industry works, you might have a chance to kick start your career on low investment. This might sound funny but it’s not, there are lots of small businesses where you can invest your money and won’t regret it. 

The only thing you may need to consider is if you really want to get into this because no business develops overnight. It takes time as well as investment and effort. In this article, we will be listing down seven small business plans for you. All these ideas are for small businesses and start-ups for those who can’t invest a lot, at least for the first time. 

Seven small business ideas

So, grab your pen and journal and start writing down these seven start-up ideas with the lowest investment that will serve you in the long run. 

Online bakery 

Heard someone saying that sweets never disappoint you and it couldn’t be more accurate than that. So let’s start with the online bakery business. Everyone knows that the food business is one of the most successful businesses to start and the great thing about it is that you need minimal to no investment in order to start it. You can simply start it from your home, only if the baking interests you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to be in this business for so long. 

Since cakes and sweets are a big part of everyone’s life, we are pretty sure this is going to be a big hit. And you don’t even have to take a loan from the bank to start your sweet journey towards success. 


Online marketing 

Each day that passes makes us closer to developing this world into a global village. It is because everything is available online and even the businesses are switching to this method. This might be good for some reasons but it may also have downfalls. Anyway, online marketing is another opportunity for freelancers to build their businesses. If you have expertise in this area, feel free to take a deep dive because we can assure you one thing, each idea we are mentioning here is already out in the market and people are doing it. People are even providing essay help UK while sitting in the USA. 

Fashion boutique 

It’s 2020, rather than becoming more socially aware, people are getting fashion conscious instead. Hence, you can use it in your favor and start printing money without paying the rent of the shop. If you think you need to have a fashion designer degree to be in this field then you aren’t right, although, you do need a little insight about it. People tend to purchase what appeals to them and their eyes and that is why even the ordinary arts sometimes, make you rich just because it was appealing to someone. 

Get creative and start working on it if you have thrust about it, create your own designs and sell them. Who knows, perhaps, this can be your idea of a perfect business with minimum investment. It might take you a bit longer to execute your plans so be patient. 

Customize clothing 

Don’t confuse it with fashion boutique because both are quite different. If you are thinking to put money into the clothing business, make sure it’s customize one because investment might be the same in both categories but the outcome is different. Custom-made shirts or clothes are usually made on order and you follow the client’s guidelines in it, that’s why it makes a good profit with minimum investment. It is also the most running business in the market right now. 


Freelancing is far greater than any other business deal because you are not supposed to invest anything here except for your time. You take on contract-based projects and it is nothing like working as a 9 to 5 employee for any company. You are your own boss and what can be more interesting than this? Freelancers are often known as self-employed and they earn a good profit out of it even if they are just providing law essay help UK because that’s the place that can get you lots of clients. 

Travel agency 

As compared to other business ideas, this one includes traveling and who does not love travelling? Hence, you can start your own travel agency with the lowest investment, and another great thing is the profit you are going to get. But most importantly, you will be treasuring so many memories of these heavenly places people only see in the photos. They say turn your passion into profession, we suppose, they say it for explorers. Once you invest in a travel agency, you’ll witness in upcoming years, it was a great decision that you have made. 


Last but not least is photography. You hardly have to fund the learning process and buy lenses. Because we know how expensive a good camera can be! But at least after every photo shoot, you are going to have a great amount in your hands. Hard work never goes down the drain. You can also learn photography through online platforms free of cost. 

Wrapping it up! 

Apart from profit and everything, stepping into the market gives you exposure to the market and people and that is a good thing for your future. But this all happens when you come out of your comfort zone and start taking on challenges while sitting on the couch waiting for a miracle is nothing but a waste of time.

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