Beginners Guide To Dab Rigs

Beginners Guide To Dab Rigs

With marijuana becoming both medically and recreationally legal, people are increasingly turning to exciting new ways of ingesting the substance. Dabbing has been becoming more popular by the day, thanks to these latest developments in the world of cannabis.

There was a time when only the seasoned smokers of cannabis used dab rigs because these were neither affordable nor simple to use. The advancements in the world of cannabis have changed all those complications. Dab rigs are now a part of the mainstream cannabis culture, and thousands of users, including the beginners, have turned to it.

If you plan to join the dab rig bandwagon, too, here are all the details you need to know about it.

What Exactly Is Dabbing?

A dab is like a concentrated dosage of cannabis. The extraction of THC and other cannabinoids makes it through solvents like butane or carbon dioxide. It leads to the creation of a sticky oil that cannot get heated.

Based on the oil’s consistency, you can call the cannabis concentrate budder, wax, BHO (butane hash oil), and shatter. Cannabis wax and different dabs are generally heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and inhaled through dab rigs. People have been using dag rigs for years now. However, the method goes on advancing and evolving with every passing year.

What Exactly Is Dabbing

Understanding a Dab Rig

The device might seem a bit confusing to someone who has never interacted with dab rigs before. Dab rigs cannot set things on fire, unlike what you might do with a bong, pipe, or other smoking apparatuses. Instead, the dag rigs have a nail that gets heated up using a torch. The heated nail gets dabbed with concentrated extracts. The heating up of the concentrates leads to the creation of a vapor that a user inhales.

You can also use dab rigs for receiving a similar level of medication that you might receive from multiple hits from traditional pipe or bong. However, it is essential to note that dabbing is highly potent, and you need to exercise caution.

The Safety Factor of Dag Rigs

Dab rigs are not like those easy-to-use, safe CBD vape pens because, in the former, you will have to deal with open flames and hot metal bits. Using a dab rig can quickly go out of hand if you are not particularly careful. Always use a dab rig while sitting. Even keeping a fire extinguisher and fire blanket near at hand is always a good idea, especially for an initial couple of times.

Wait for the dab rig to completely cool down before touching any part of the housing or nail. Get the flame turned off before taking a hit. Keep the rig clean because too much re-burn can make the rig catch fire.

The Safety Factor of Dag Rigs

Fundamental Parts of Dab Rigs

While dab rigs might seem intimidating to a newbie, it is pretty simple. The devices are different in style and size, but they have the same essential parts. You will find a torch lighter, a glass piece, and a nail.

In most cases, you will have to buy the torch lighter separately. You might also want to get a nice dabber. A dabber is a tool that lets you put the concentrate on the nail. The dabber might come with the rig sometimes, but you will have to purchase it if it isn’t included in the package. If you are new to dag rigs, it’s best to buy a complete set with all the pieces in it.

Fundamental Parts of Dab Rigs

Different Types of Nails

Nails are of mainly five different types of materials, and they are:

  1. Glass: The popularity of glass nails come from the fact that they are easy to produce and affordable. But they tend to break easily and do not retain as much heat as metal nails. You can start with glass nails, but it’s better to go with more straightforward and cheaper metal nails in the long run.
  2. Quartz: Quartz nails are hard to overheat and more durable than glass. Though quartz is a sound emitter of heat, it isn’t good at retaining heat, which affects its ability to rig nails.
  3. E-nails: E-nails offer the latest way of using dab nails, and they get heated up by the machine’s battery. These nails can achieve precise temperatures fast and add a level of control that is not possible with torch lighters.
  4. Ceramic: Ceramic is delicate and holds the heat pretty well, making it a better option than glass.
  5. Titanium: Titanium is the best material for dab rigs. It can retain heat better than all other materials utilized for a dab rig and is extremely tough. You might end up overheating titanium initially, but you will be able to manage it with a bit of water diffuser and some practice.

The Endnote

Whether you are entirely new to cannabis or a seasoned user, you should give dab rigs a try if you still haven’t. You have a fair idea about what dab rigs are and how to use them, along with the safety measures. So, go ahead and give it a try without further delay. Make sure to start small as you are a novice and slowly fix the dab-size depending on your need. There is no harm in taking a second dab if the first dab fails to satisfy you.

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