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Jamie Lloyd receives justice.

A little bloodshed in horror is nothing shocking. In fact, when done well, certain devastation is frequently praised and even glorified. Having said that, occasionally, some of our favourite genre movies can become a touch too, um, cruel. Some scenes can occasionally be elevated into the realm of pure evil by the use of brutal irony, extended torment, and psychological warfare.

What are some of the cruellest situations in horror film history, bravely posed by Redditor Cmyers1980 recently? Of course, the Internet’s first page provided some predictably scathing responses.

According to reddit movies, these are the top 10 cruellest scenes in horror film history:


The terrible first few minutes of Carrie will break your heart; it’s maybe the cruellest scene in movie history. Much better treatment is due to Carrie White. The moments with her mother are frightening and distressing, but the way her classmates make fun of her in the shower is just a nightmare.


In this scene from Hannibal, Paul is shown being spoon-fed pieces of his own brain. I wouldn’t want to think about that again before a meal because it’s unpleasant and personal. Ray Liotta, you are missed.

The Rejects of the Devil

Rob Zombie’s legendary second film The Devil’s Rejects contains a tonne of scenes that are blatantly cruel. But I suppose this one is just really cruel in some way. One famous quote from books is “I’m the devil, and I’m here to do the devil’s business.”

Toltec Creek

When it comes to bloodshed and outright fear, this choice may be the most repulsive on the list as a whole. In all of Wolf Creek, it’s undoubtedly one of the most gruesome and devastating death scenes. By declaring, “I’m going to do something today they used to do in Vietnam,” Mick mocks his victim. It makes my stomach turn to hear “It’s called making a head on a stick.”

Outer Space Killer Clowns

Pooh Bear and Farmer Gene meet the clowns. “With my bare hands, I’ll rip this monstrosity apart!” Gene merited so much more than this. Oh, those obnoxious Klowns.

The Residence Jack Constructed

Warning: very graphic stuff. Children are at risk. Not to mention, Sofie Grbl gave a remarkably convincing performance. terrifying fuel

U.S. Psycho

One of the rudest scenes in the entire movie, and that’s saying a lot, is the death of a man who is homeless in American Psycho. There was no justification for this man’s manner of passing. What will transpire with his dog?

Halloween 6: The Michael Myers Curse

This one aches so much right now. Jamie Lloyd really gets the shaft in the sixth Halloween after enduring Michael for two movies. I’m not going to put up with it and act like it never occurred. Jamie gets justice.

Pull Me Into Hell

Despite the fact that Christine may have made some terrible mistakes along the way, she did not merit being dragged to hell. This is a timeless conclusion that merits the moniker it bears. Please make a sequel to Drag Me to Hell, Sam Raimi, so we can get back to the real terror.

Dream Warriors from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3

The third Nightmare chapter’s killing of Nancy is a gut-punch if there ever was one.

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