Block Unknown/Strange Calls: How to deal with toxic breakups?

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Breakups are definitely a bittersweet experience. You can hurt your ex-boyfriend by calling him bad. In his definition, morning and evening, the earth and the sky can be folded together, but there is no denying that parting ways with a loved one is a painful process.

Most of us experience a breakup at some point in our lives. For some of us, the experience can be the deepest when we lose our first love. This is because our first love is the first experience of learning what romantic love is, how to turn the joys and challenges of love around, and how it is to experience a lack of relationships.

For some people, the loss of first love is also physical and psychological for the first time. Symptoms of grief and loss are experienced. A romantic relationship that lasts a long time (in some cases decades) also ignites. Severe feelings of loss, even when people knew their relationship was difficult. They may find their relationship unsatisfactory and may find their ex-partner apathetic, selfish, argumentative even unloved and still mourn the loss.

Our love relationships had a specific meaning during our adult years, a significance that was formerly possessed by our parents or personalities similar to parents. Our romantic relationships become the ones we turn to when we need love, tranquilly, or security.

In times of danger and hardship, we turn to our partners for care and support more than anyone else. Let us also use them as a source of confirmation. In moments of joy and accomplishment, join us in celebrating our achievements.

The loss of the most important person in our life is distressing, and it becomes a troubling compound in the early phases of a relationship collapse. This is because when our spouse is not physically or psychologically present to meet us, our natural reaction is to “aggravate” the agony. You can easily block them by using TheOneSpy android spy app.

Why you should block unknown/strange calls and your ex’s phone number?

  1. Even after a breakup, some ex-partners persist in harmful behaviour. They’ll share items on social media that clearly involve you but don’t include your name, such as: They may even upload images of their new relationship just after the split on other occasions.

Of course, they’re well aware of what they’re doing. They are effectively putting out to the world that they are happier than you, and that they may try to make you jealous of the new person they are dating, by their acts.

If your ex behaves in this manner, it’s safe to assume that blocking them is a good idea. At the absolute least, you may unfriend or unfollow them on Facebook. You’ve effectively cut them off, as well as all of their attempts to get under your skin.

  1. Some people have amazing physical chemistry, but their personalities aren’t suited to long-term relationships. Individually, they are both capable of being decent, if not great, individuals. However, when they’re placed together, they bring out the worst in each other rather than the finest. They frequently go through a protracted period of disintegration before coming back together. They are unable to keep track of how frequently this occurs.

So, what brings them back together? The chemistry is undeniable. The drama and emotional rollercoasters may be intoxicating in and of themselves. However, there comes a moment when the bad times outnumber the good. You’re simply exhausted. In this scenario, just blocking the ex is the best option. It’s not because they’re awful people; it’s because any connection between you and them will inevitably turn poisonous.

  1. You know deep down that you want to block your ex and that doing so will considerably aid your recovery. However, the idea of barring your ex makes you feel bad. You’re curious as to what they’ll think, and you assume that they’ll be wounded, or that they’ll want to contact you again but won’t be able to.

Consider all the times your ex failed and wounded you if you had a horrible relationship where you blamed them for the majority of the problems. You ended the relationship for a reason: to prioritise yourself, and you owe the ex no attention or concern for their feelings.

Trust me, the first thing you should do after any setback is to block unknown/strange calls and give your mind the time and space to reset. Before blocking someone with TOS app you can also read the best TheOneSpy Reviews that can help you more.

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