Choi Min-Sik is Back on Screen as a Casino Tycoon in “Big Bet”


Choi Min-Sik is one of the hard-to-ignore actors having appeared in over 30 films in his more than 30 years of acting career. It is now slightly over two decades since he last acted on the small screen. Surprisingly, he has made a grand return to TV and has taken a starring role in the popular Disney+ drama “Big Bet”. He has taken the role of a legendary character in Korea’s casino sector known as Cha Moo-Sik. 

Choi Min-Sik’s impact on the casino sector

Choi Min-Sik returns to the screen at a time when the casino industry in the US is picking pace fast. Specifically, the US online casino sector is positively impacting all demographics across the states. Already 38 states have legalized sports betting, and 6 states have active legal online casinos. More states are expected to join, and the role played by Choi Min-Sik is expected to have a great influence on both online and land-based casinos across the states. 

The story behind “Big Bet”

“Big Bet” is about a self-made gambler who refuses to play by the rules. The story first gives a reflection on Cha Moo-Sik’s childhood. Based on the story, he grew up in hardships that shaped him into gambling. The story starts with his arrest in the Philippines in 2015. Before he knows it, reporters and journalists surround him and begin questioning him concerning a murder he is suspected to have committed. Surprised, he remains quiet. 

A gangster raised by an illiterate mother

Before Choi Min-Sik started to enjoy sports betting, he went through a dark side. He was raised by an illiterate and also poor mother. Determined to improve his life, he became a petty gangster which often landed him in jail. In the story, he lands in an orphanage but he still feels unsettled. 

Although he is not well educated, he gets courage and starts a language academy. Later, he gets a chance to launch a casino and he quickly takes the offer. On one side, he will get easy money but on the other, the casino business is illegal and he has the law to deal with. 

Escape to the Philippines

His casino business lands into much trouble and he escapes to the Philippines. Things get worse and he has to start from zero. Cha Moo-Sik is a strong-willed character which is perhaps what attracted the actor to the small screen again. He is smart in business but often lies to his family. He can gamble all his money, engage in crime and let other people suffer for it. Apart from the Big Bet review, viewers need to watch the entire series to understand the flaws of Cha Moo-Sik and if anyone can forgive him for his crimes. Kang Yoon-sung is the writer of the series. In 2018, he won the Best New Director Award during the Baeksang Arts Awards for the film “The Outlaws”. He also directed the zombie TV series “Kingdom”. 

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