How MarsHub Helps Enterprises Optimize their Localization Operations?


For companies that want to dominate global marketplaces, continuously getting their localization right is significant to sustain long-term success in foreign markets. Traditional localization methods are now out of the question. It’s about time brands look for advanced localization management platforms and tools for seamless project management.

MarsHub is a future-proof localization management system that comes with powerful features to manage your localization project. From workflow optimization to team collaboration, this platform speeds up your localization operations and increases the overall work efficiency of your teams.

In this post, we’ll discuss some important functions of MarsHub that help global enterprises keep their localization game up.

MarsHub | An All-in-one Localization Platform

It is a full-service translation and localization management platform that supports global companies in effectively managing their localization projects. Using this platform, you can work on multiple localization projects at once. It also makes your localization management super-fast, efficient, and simplilocalization project management pfied. MarsHub is designed with useful features that are easy to use and support project managers in significantly enhancing their teams’ performance. This cloud-based localization management comes with customized solutions to your different localization difficulties.

Let’s have a closer look at the innovative features and functionalities of MarsHub that would boost your productivity and help you achieve better localization results.

Customize The Localization Workflow

On the MarsHub platform, you can create multiple projects and customize your workflow as per your unique needs. You can easily manage and work through different localization operations seamlessly. Before assigning your localization tasks to any third-party or in-house resource, you first design the workflow, choose language pairs, or integrate a third-party tool if needed. Moreover, MarsHub gives you a more systematic approach to your localization workflow management.

 It eliminates the chaos and organizes your tasks, which gives project managers more control over their day-to-day localization operations. Streamlined localization workflow also helps global brands manage more work in less time. It also reduces the chances of errors occurring because of excessive manual work.  

Speed Up the Translation Operations

Managing your translation tasks is quite easy and simplified with the MarsHub platform. If you are a global business that has to manage a myriad number of translations on a daily basis, MarsHub can help you effectively handle your everyday translation work faster with its MT tools and well-organized workflow. It is your choice whether you want to generate an automated translation or assign your translation task to an in-house or remote translator. In just a few clicks, you can upload your translation file, design workflow, select language pairs, and assign it to a suitable stakeholder.

 Large-scope translation projects can be handled through a combination of human translators and machine translation tools. It also brings more agility and speed to the overall translation management operations. Using MarsHub saves your time and prevents missed deadlines and delays. This way, you can finish your translation work in the fastest turnaround time, which would also reduce the time to market your global brand.

Manage Translation Memory & Glossaries

Effectively managing your translation memory and brand glossaries also plays a major role in generating high-quality, relevant, and accurate translation outcomes. On MarsHub, you can manage translation memory for every translation project separately, which will be accessible to all stakeholders working in a single project’s scope. Similarly, you can also create and store brand glossaries for each translation project.

 These glossaries would help your team of translators to gain some context of the project at hand. This would also allow your translators to clearly understand the requirement of a brand, so your brand voice will remain unaltered. Moreover, you can manage and keep all your translation material and resources on a single platform, which also makes translation management hassle-free.

Built-In Machine Translation Engine

MarsHub also has its built-in machine translation engine that allows you to generate automated translations in seconds. This translation engine supports a wide range of language pairs, so you can use this tool to translate your content into multiple languages. Using this tool, you can get instant translations, which is quite helpful for getting away with strict deadlines. Our machine translation engine uses powerful AI algorithms to generate quick translations with good accuracy.

To get better results, you can use a machine translation post-editing approach, where experienced translators would proofread and edit the translations generated by the MT engine. It helps you enhance the accuracy and quality of translations and eliminate all potential errors in the content. Moreover, it gives your machine-generated translations some human touch that may help you with increasing the content’s readability and fluency.

Support Integration to Other CMS And Design Tools 

With MarsHub, you can manage all your localization processes without leaving the platform. Instead of switching between different apps and software to perform different tasks, you can integrate all of your required apps into MarsHub and work on them directly through one platform. MarsHub supports integration to all famous CMSs, design, and editing apps and software. You can also customize your integration options if your apps are not already supported by default.

Integration options do not just allow you to bring the functionalities of other apps to your platform. It saves your time on app switching and reduces the likelihood of errors by transferring data from one platform to another. This localization management platform also helps you effectively manage all your localization tools and resources from one place.

Track Project’s Progress Through Analytics

On MarsHub, all your localization decisions are backed by accurate data. To make project managers well-informed about the project’s growth, it provides real-time performance analytics. You can easily track the overall progress of your localization operations, and it gives you full control over your localization project.

Through these analytics, project managers can have a bird’s eye view of what is happening throughout the project. This feature would never let you lose track of your project vision and objectives. You’ll know exactly where things are heading and which areas require tweaks and improvement. This way, you timely get informed about the shortcomings of your project and can make on-time changes to your current processes. It will help you keep your localization processes perfectly aligned with the end goals that you ultimately want to achieve.

Work With Qualified Localization Vendors

MarsHub has a dedicated community of professional language service providers and linguists also referred to as vendors. You can directly approach these vendors through the platform and get them on board to work on your localization tasks. All these vendors are qualified individuals and agencies that provide you with high-quality translations and other localization services. By visiting the profiles of these vendors, you can evaluate their work experience, qualification, and expertise; it’ll help you choose the most suitable candidate to manage your task. Vendors on our freelancer’s marketplace work in different time zones and charge fees based on their experience and ratings.

Depending on your task budget, and deadlines, you can select your linguists and LSPs accordingly. So, you don’t have to explore any other freelancing website to find freelancers. You can directly outsource your localization tasks to vendors anytime you want.

Seamless Collaboration with Your Localization Teams

MarsHub is a digital workplace that allows you to collaborate with your internal and external localization teams in real time. On this platform, you can work with your in-house and remote employees. You can invite as many teams as you like to collaborate on a single localization project. Each team member would have their defined roles on the platform assigned by project managers or admin. Your project team members can also have easy and quick access to localization resources, tools, and other documents. It has an intuitive interface where all information and resources can be easily fetched in just a few clicks.

A seamless communication flow between localization teams reduces gaps in the project’s understanding, and people can directly approach each other to communicate their issues. It also becomes easier for project managers to monitor the performance of localization teams and manage task workflow more efficiently.

Powerful Infrastructure to Ensure Data Security

Feel free to work on MarsHub, and forget about data breaches and information theft. With MarsHub, your confidential data is in safe hands and protected by strong infrastructure. Here we perform advanced security measures to prevent hacking and cybercrimes. The company takes your data protection quite seriously and chooses the best technology to ensure 100% privacy and confidentiality of your information.

We do end-to-end encryption and instant data deletion to maintain data integrity and strengthen the security barrier. It would enable you to manage a secure remote workplace and protect the reputation of your company. Moreover, this would also help you build trust in your clients and thrive your business more smoothly.  

Could Technology Brings Higher Transparency & Flexibility

MarsHub is a cloud-based localization management platform that provides you with a highly flexible work environment to manage your localization work. Cloud technology makes you independent of location and allows your team members to work from any place, using any device. It is very easy to scale up and down your resources, storage, and other specifications to meet the changing business demands.

So, there’s no need for installations or to make any investment in buying physical infrastructure. Regardless of your project, large or small, MarsHub got it all covered for you. Moreover, on this platform, all of your resources and data are stored at one central location, which makes it much easier for all team members to access the required information in seconds. The project manager can monitor all activities happening throughout the project in real time, which also gives them higher transparency and control.

Customized Localization Plans & Affordable Pricing

 MarsHub designs customized localization plans based on your exclusive requirements. We make sure that our clients only pay for the features and tools that they actually need. Unlike most popular CAT platforms that provide you almost the same features at higher pricing. MarsHub keeps everything affordable for smooth global growth, where you don’t have to break the bank.

We also keep adding discount offers on various localization packages to give you some extra value for your money. Here you can create a project, open it for bids to find suitable vendors, and save some cost.

Why Choose MarsHub? 

From custom workflows and an automated MT engine to a dedicated vendors’ hub and real-time analytics, MarsHub is an all-inclusive localization project management platform that would fulfill your unique business needs. It is an innovative localization platform packed with plenty of valuable features designed to maximize your work efficiency and team productivity. Customized processes at MarsHub lead to better performance that results in high-quality outcomes. It is a platform that brings all your stakeholders and resources together to work from one place, making your localization project management efficient and hassle-free.

Get Started with MarsHub!

Join MarsHub today for agile, efficient, and simplified localization project management. Sign up now and get a 15-day free trial. We care about clients’ satisfaction and want you to be 100% sure before partnering with us. It’s time to invest in a result-driven platform that provides you with higher transparency, flexibility, and a flawless client localization experience.

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