Is it worth working as a casino dealer?

casino dealer

The idea of being a casino dealer may be someone’s idea of a dream job. The whole casino environment and being at the center of the action is often an attractive option. It may not be that difficult to get a job today with gambling becoming such a popular activity and casinos looking for qualified dealers. Does the reality of being a casino dealer live up to the dream? Let’s find out more.

How much will you make?

The base pay for being a casino dealer is not that great. When you first start out, you may make minimum wage. You will make most of your money from tips as a casino dealer in the United States. You could make up to about $60K a year, with some dealers making even more than that.

Live casinos are becoming a popular form of online gambling. They simulate a land-based casino experience with live dealers running the games and interacting with the players. Online sports betting is another popular activity today, with baseball fans and other sports fans placing bets on their favorite teams and players.

What factors determine your pay?

The tips will depend on the game you’re dealing and the generosity of the players. Dealing poker is challenging and requires skill but dealers receive some of the largest tips for dealing poker. Your tips will also depend on how much players like you, and if you’re personable, you will tend to do better.

Those who own a casino where demand is seasonal won’t have as many tables open at times or have as many work hours to go around, so the earning potential becomes less.

At luxury resorts, you may be dealing in a VIP room for high rollers and have the potential to get huge tips. Otherwise, you can make good tips whether you work in a small regional casino or a larger urban one.

Downsides to being a dealer

The job can be physically and mentally tiring. You’re on your feet all the time, and the players aren’t always pleasant. It can be emotionally taxing, and casino surveillance will be on you at all times for anything that looks like cheating or collusion.

Training and benefits 

Some casinos offer in-house training, but you may need to go to a qualified dealer school for training. It only takes about two months to get you ready to handle certain games, such as blackjack. If you want the opportunity to work at odd hours, casino schedules can offer this opportunity because many of them are open 24/7. Casinos owned by large corporations may offer a surprising range of benefits, such as health plans or retirement programs.

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