Major Site Plans and its process


PRE-APPLICATION MEETING: It is strongly suggested that the owner or applicant schedule an appointment for Pre-Application before the filing of a domain plan application. The county’s Pre-Application procedures can be found here. Go to the website at A Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting is scheduled following the first submission comments are received. The meeting will be held to discuss any suggestions the applicant wants to rationalize or discuss in more detail. Please refer to TRC Meeting Dates to determine the time of the meeting that is primarily based on the acceptance in the form of an application.

STEP 1: This assessment is necessary before the submission of an outline of an area plan for Community Development. The following evaluation is required evaluation to be ready to submit for the Minimum Submission Review:

Minimum Submission Review Application

Code of Development Checklist

Two (2) copies of the Site Plan

Step 2: Our goal is to accept 메이저사이트plans following evaluations, however, the number of evaluations could be higher if branch observations aren’t resolved before the submission. The County will send written feedback to the owner and applicant after each evaluation. Following the initial evaluation, the applicant will be invited to the County will hold a Technical Review Meeting may be scheduled. This meeting provides the applicant with an opportunity to speak with reviewers and discuss the comments they received. Resubmission charges are assessed for any evaluation that is needed after 2 signature sets and/or evaluations. The submission materials required are listed under each submission.

  1. 1st Submission:

Land Development Application with unique signatures.

VDOT Site Plan Checklist

1 copy of the word is licensed to owners of adjacent belongings. Flash Drive containing man or woman PDFs of all submission materials are no longer required to contain any financial information

  1. Second submission

The second proposal is due within 35 days of TRC assembly. The extension of two 30 days can be granted by way of requests. Submissions are no longer meeting the deadline and need an additional $2,000 cost. A letter of reaction to the remarks of every evaluation agency. Revised plans, with changes highlighted on each replica five-Easement Plats, and 2 deeds with distinctive signatures. Bond Estimate Review spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel layout and inserted into the web page design.

Flash Drive containing man or woman PDFs of all resubmissions are no longer required to include any information about the economy (i.e., reproduction of assessments, or the charges calculation worksheet)

  1. Third and subsequent submissions

The next and third submissions must be made within 21 days of receiving the comments from the county. An extension of 30 days can be granted by way of a request. Submissions no longer meet deadlines and will require an additional $2,000 cost.

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