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A long distance relationship is rarely like the routine that most normal couples go through. You look forward to meeting more, call each other more often and dream of spending every second together. But can you build such a relationship and be at an emotionally adequate level? You can find more information here or below.

There are more than 7 billion people in the world and the probability that you will meet your soul mate in the supermarket near your house is virtually zero. But the fact that somewhere on another continent can live an emigrant Andriy, who spent half his life studying in your hometown and came to redraw documents for 2 days, during which you realized that you are kindred souls, is already a melodrama scenario.

In short, no matter how your story develops with a person from other cities/countries/continents whom you loved with all your heart, it will be a difficult time for both of you. And if you are ready for this, you need to discuss all the pros and cons of such a relationship on the shore.

Advantages of long-distance relationships

You are always in touch. This can be called a plus, because you constantly share a lot of information, learn to hear and listen to each other .

You have the opportunity to take risks. If you found the person of your dreams somewhere in Barcelona, ​​about whom you always dreamed, but never thought that you would be able to live there permanently – this is your chance to take a risk. But you shouldn’t move 3 days after meeting, you’re brave, not crazy.

You really miss each other. Now all ordinary couples (especially those who live together) will feel a little ashamed: being bored without meeting for a day is nothing compared to being separated by thousands of kilometers. This takes away the possibility of physical manifestation of love and makes separation even more painful. But all rare meetings become hotter and more desirable because of this best online trt clinic.

You are not afraid of any conventions. If you were able to survive the distance, then you will easily survive the choice of the child’s name, disagreements about the color of the curtains in the living room. In general, you are hardened and fearless.

You motivate each other. Knowing that a person is waiting for you, appreciates and is afraid to lose, even when you are at a great distance, is an excellent fuel for the ego and self-love. And if the one with whom you love yourself is nearby, then everything is very good.

In principle, a long-distance relationship is a very real story, which does not necessarily lead to a mini-series, but definitely resembles a short novel. The romance of rare meetings, video chats until the morning and constantly enamored eyes – this is how we all see people who build relationships at a distance.

Advantages of long-distance relationships

Disadvantages of long-distance relationships

You painfully wait for meetings. If your girlfriends are looking forward to vacation, then you are waiting for the moment when you can be together. This time will never be enough.

You cannot know what he is doing. Not that you were watching. We just know you’re nervous. We would also be very worried. Especially if one day he didn’t call.

You know that you will not live together. Compromising and traveling back and forth is not an option, moving together and living in one place is also not suitable. You should not drag, even if you strongly believe that everything will change.

No regular sex. A real problem, eliminating which no couple building a relationship at a distance would part. Actually, we would like to believe it. You can read more info about dating tips for women in other articles.

Everything looks like a sad movie. While all the couples are walking hand in hand, you are walking with your voice in headphones. If you are not ready for this and are very tactile-dependent, it will be very difficult to survive the situation.

In any case, true love is not afraid of distance, or the absence of a couple at housewarming parties and weddings of friends, or a huge dependence on charging and Wi-Fi. The main thing is to immediately ask yourself what this relationship of yours should lead to and what you want from a person in principle.

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