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Online pdf editor free is an online tool that claims to be free forever. This product can open PDF files and change and edit their content. It supports conversion between Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML and other formats. The following is mainly for you. Come and review Online PDF Editor .

Brand introduction

Abcd PDF is committed to providing users around the world with comfortable and efficient online office tools. There are PDF editors for processing PDF documents on the market, but they also take up a lot of time for users to register, log in, adapt, and pay in addition to high usage fees. , and these products cannot be guaranteed in terms of safety, and users have to operate carefully, which brings many changes to everyone’s office.

With the original intention of serving the public, the brand positions its products as free online tools, and aggregates a large number of online tools with rich functions on the homepage of the Abcd PDF platform to meet the needs of all user groups. Its goal is to provide free, accessible and high-quality PDF processing tools to bring efficient and comfortable office experience to users of web programs around the world.

Online PDF Editor Evaluation

easy to use

first step Open Abcd PDF online platform, click ” Online PDF Editor “, the page starts to jump.
second step On the ” Online PDF Editor ” page, select ” Select File ” to select the local PDF document.
third step Waiting for the end of loading, you will directly enter the online Wrod editing page.

selecting the file to be edited , you can edit, delete , add pictures , add shapes, add hand-drawn drawings , and comments according to your needs .


Feature rich

The toolbar is located at the top of the page, divided into “Text”, “Eraser”, “Redact”, “Highlight”, “Image”, “Draw”, “Sign”, users use these functions to realize comments or add text, pictures, symbols , as well as eliminating text, the user can achieve various functions by selecting tools .


Overview of Online Word Editing Features:

function name effect
Edit A blue dashed box will appear. When encountering an editable paragraph, it will turn into a “finger” icon. At this time, click the left button to add text, delete, change format, change color, bold, and underline the paragraph.
Add Image After clicking, select the local image and drag it to the desired position with the mouse.
Highlight Area Drag the quad to make the coverage change color.
Highlight Text The cursor can only select text and highlight text or paragraphs.
Eraser Drag the quad to leave the overlay area blank.
Redat Drag the selection to turn the area into a black layer.
Draw After selecting this plugin, you can draw lines in the PDF content selection area.
Text Box Drag the selection to resize the text box, then edit the text.
Replace For text replacement, input the characters before replacement in the front box, and input the characters displayed after replacement in the rear box.
Shapes Use circles and ovals to mark content.
Signature Sign, enter text on the left, the effect will be displayed on the right, and you can choose a color.

Strong security

In order to ensure user privacy and personal computer security, the AbcdPDF platform has formulated a rigorous security prevention strategy, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of all user information leakage.

Certified Data Center

Abcd PDF only works with secure and highly trusted cloud service providers and data centers that are ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) certified.

Data isolation

Abcd PDF keeps user data isolated, which means each conversion is performed in a separate environment. So only you can access your file, no other third party including Abcd PDF team can access it.

secure communication

Your data is protected from theft, alteration or transfer. All communication between your web browser, the platform ‘s servers and the conversion host takes place over a secure channel protected by state-of-the-art TLS encryption and HSTS web security policy enabled.

Overall review – Soon to replace Word

Example 1:

If the user needs to enter a text description and needs to have a picture, the picture printed in Word is very blurred. If it is printed in black and white, there will even be a group of black things and there will be blank or misplaced layout .

At this time, after visiting and converting it into PDF and printing it , I found that it was very clear, and the black and white conversion would be inexplicably processed into a gray-green feeling , which is very comfortable .

Example 2:

CAD and some plug-ins often have various incompatibilities between high and low versions. But you can use the tools on the same page of Online PDF Editor to convert to PDF files online and save them.

Although the expression of line thickness will be lost, it can solve the problem that computer A can not see the computer B due to the version or unknown reasons , so it is the best decision to use AbcdPDF aggregated pages to process files .

Example 3:

The brother tool of Online PDF Editor can save hollow official seals , private seals , ID card copies and related documents , and can also handle some simple PS work , such as a pile of 100-page contracts that need to be sealed .


Online PDF Editor free and related tools brought by the platform can already operate PDF as Word , so why not do it ? As long as this product can be popularized quickly, it will definitely replace Word in the future .

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