Types of Product Custom Rigid Boxes and their Importance

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Types of boxes and their importance

When people visit shops for buying products, they see all the products packed professionally inside the boxes. This leaves a good impact on the customers. Some of them become motivated to buy the product. There are various types of packaging boxes. Some of the boxes have cardboard as their building material. They give a rigid appearance to our naked eyes. Hence companies name them custom rigid boxes. Companies can alter these boxes easily. This enables them to fulfil the demands of the customers and also use creative ideas for attracting new buyers. Moreover, these boxes also help them send their products long distances. All these significances have made these boxes a common part of the packaging.

These packaging boxes can be availed in different shapes, designs, and numbers. All of these things rely on the need of a consumer. Find out a manufacturing company that caters all the specifications of your consumers. You can also add a sticker and tagline to make it look enchanting. Thus, place an order at economical and affordable prices.

Common types:

We can group the boxes broadly according to the function they serve. Companies use some of these boxes to ship products to the customers. Whereas others are used to display the products on the shelves. Still, others have a role in gift packaging. These boxes are utilized for numerous reasons. Consider giving gift or want to enhance the sales, these boxes can do all that. Also, their detail is as follows:

Shipping boxes:

Companies use these boxes to ship the products over long distances. Usually, they send the products to the retailers and shopkeepers. They display the products in their shops and people buy from them. However, online platforms have changed the ways of shopping. People order their favourite products just by browsing the internet. Companies use custom rigid boxes to deliver the products at the doorsteps of these customers.

These allow the companies and brands to expand their area of operation. They can sell products to people present in far-off places without opening any shops there. Moreover, these boxes can be adorned with interesting and enchanting add-ons. Thus, place your order these at lowest prices.

Display boxes:

Companies use these boxes to exhibit their products on the shelves in stores. How companies use these boxes plays a key role in shaping the future of the company. If they can use creative ideas and make attractive boxes, such boxes will highlight the products on the shelves. When people enter the shops, their eyes will directly lock on the product from that company. If they are satisfied with the quality of the packaging, they might buy the products. Moreover, they might also refer the brand to their known people. This will only increase the number of buyers and the overall sales for the company.

Companies can use various customizations to convert a rigid box into a display box. They can alter the dimensions, color, and overall look of the box for this purpose. Hence, give an enchanting appearance to these boxes.

Gift boxes:

Companies use boxes that are rigid and durable to pack gifts. Gifts are quite expensive products, and they must reach the hands of the recipient in the perfect condition. If the gift falls on the floor accidentally, these boxes absorb all the damage and keep the gift safe. In addition, the use of the latest printing methods allows companies to create beautiful designs on these boxes. These designs highlight the gift and make it more valuable.

In addition, people also get to choose the size and color of the box. If the gift is a large product, packing it in a small box can lead to damage. The box must be spacious enough to fit the gift. Moreover, people can choose various beads, ribbons, and glitters to make the box look more interesting.


These boxes are very familiar in the market. This means that they must be affordable and have several benefits. Consequently, companies are using these boxes for packing most of their products.


Custom rigid boxes are quite affordable and easily available in the market. This benefits both the customers and the companies. Companies can get these boxes at wholesale rates from dealers. This reduces the overall expenditure on the packaging. Thus, they can offer the products at low prices to their customers. Moreover, the customers can get their favorite products at lower prices and premium quality. You can avail of these boxes in an exclusive designs and styles.


These boxes are also recyclable. This means that companies can use old and already used boxes and make new boxes from them. This has two very important benefits. Firstly, it reduces the production of waste. The world is now shifting to recyclable materials. Secondly, recycling keeps the expenditure on packaging in check. Companies don’t have to spend the extra money and get new boxes every time they have to pack a product. Instead, they can use older boxes and convert them into raw materials for new boxes. This reduces the overall cost of packaging.


Companies and brands can customize the boxes according to their requirements. They can alter the size, dimensions, overall shape of the box and also colors of the box.


The size of the box is important for keeping the product safe and sound. If the box is smaller than the size of the product, it can put extra pressure on the product and might break the product. Whereas, if the box is spacious and much larger than the box, the product might collide with the walls of the box while shipping. Therefore, the size needs to be exactly according to the size of the product. It also provides a smart and professional look to the box.


Custom rigid boxes are available in a bunch of colors. In addition to using a single color for the box, companies have the freedom to use a combination of colors for the box. This makes the box much more attractive. If the gift is meant for children, using vibrant colors will increase their interest in the gift. Whereas, such colors also increase the beauty of products on the shelves. Moreover, you can add bright and vivid shades to make the product look enthralling.


Custom box printing enables companies to print on the boxes. Companies use the latest printing methods to print intricate designs on the box. Moreover, in the case of gift boxes, people can get ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary printed on the box. There is a wide choice of font colors and font styles that are available. Such colors create a contrast with the background and elevate the importance of the product. It also attracts people to a product and helps the company grow.

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